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Scale your business to the next level 
Low Fees

Minimal listing and sales commission

Simple Set Up

Our set up is easy and user friendly, just like us

Optimized for growth

A comprehensive dashboard that provides a detailed view of your business

Manage Anywhere & Anytime

Manage your online store from the comforts of your home.

Complete Logistical Support

We take care of all your logistical needs, so you can focus on creating great products.

Grow your Audience Reach

With an expanded customer base that is searching for the unique products that you have to offer


We are completely transparent in our dealings and with everything that we do

Secure Marketplace

We use best-in-class technology to protect your transactions

Convinced and can't wait to get started?

So IHS was great in the sense that it is run by two women that are very passionate and they’re helping other women, reaching out to the wider community. The sell unique products, which aren’t mass produced and it was great, to have a platform of this kind. It’s a very community-based platform, so it was good to have that for me to to set and start up. She believes ItsHerWay will open doors to women of today and give them courage to continue their business with passion, add to their confidence and celebrate their unique identity.


Owner - Kili with Love

I’m a fashion designer for Arabic kaftans. I make kaftans because they are easy to wear and suitable for many different occasions. When I found ItsHerSkill, and they approached me, their idea was really good and it worked well especially for me because this was really something I needed, I know that it will continue to help me a lot.” Her career has spanned over 12 years in Media, Marketing, Film Making, Events, IT and Journalism. After successfully running her own marketing venture, she decided to bow out of the usual grind and shift focus to genuinely make a difference. With ItsHerWay, Armin will strive to give today's women a solid suport platform and ecosystem through which they can launch, grow and scale their own business for a better future..


- Miladi

It’s her skill has been a great step for me personally, my association (with ItsHerSkill) has given me a lot and a wider reach in terms of reaching out to new clientele. There’s also a constant motivation; they have live events and online promotional activity. I know that every entrepreneur will find it to be a great blessing to be associated with ItsHerSkill.”


- Butters and Scrubs

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Frequently Asked Questions
  • What can I sell on ItsHerStore? operates markets where you can sell your handmade goods directly to buyers around the region.
    Refer the list of categories for you to start selling with us mentioned in the commission structure section. If you would like to list an item in a category which you do not see on this directory then send your inquiry to: [email protected]
    Other than that, you cannot sell alcohol, narcotics or items that can be potentially hazardous to lives. For more information read our seller terms on the list of prohibitive items.

  • How do I sell?

    Once you register and set up your online store with us, follow the step by step guide to complete your profile. Please read the seller policy and Terms & conditions page as well.

  • Can I track my sales?

    We have a secure backend that is one of the best in the market today. It is fully automated from the time an order is placed till the goods are being dispatched.. What’s even better – you can track the entire journey till the sale has been made.

  • Do I need to have a separate website to start selling?

    Absolutely not! In fact we have a specially created Seller page for each of our sellers on ItsHerStore that works as good as your personal brand page – saving you the hassle of getting into the technical backend.

  • What countries does operate in? is available only in UAE for now.

  • Can I sell internationally on

    Not at this time. We are planning to expand to other parts of the Middle East shortly, so please keep checking because we might start delivering to your country sooner than you think!

  • How much do I need to pay in commission fees for products sold on

    Please visit our page which gives details about the commission structure for full details

  • How to best describe items I’m selling?

    To best describe the item you are selling; please mention all the key highlights of the item, unique selling points, functionality, size or dimensions, weight. To add photos from your computer or mobile device, use a neutral background, and take photos from all angles.

  • How do I package my item?

    Pack the product well using a box & bubble wrap so that it doesn’t get damaged. Here you can add your own branding as well. Remember, the way in which you package your product represents your “image/brand” and also will make an impression on the customer and their probability of a future order.